‘The Residential Laws of the Land’ – Hamilton Fraser’s Property Podcast

Within the ever changing property industry, landlords and agents are often subject to new and updated laws which can prove costly if missed! With this in mind, in the latest Hamilton Fraser property podcast, CEO Eddie Hooker and Paul Shamplina, Founder of Landlord Action and Brand Ambassador at Hamilton Fraser, are joined by special guest Tessa Shepperson, residential property lawyer and Managing Director of Landlord Law. Together they aim to shed some light on the key industry changes that matter to you.

Tessa started Landlord Law, a website dedicated to providing landlords with information on their legal rights and obligations, back in 2001 and has been providing content and advice ever since. This includes Tessa’s popular ‘Landlord Law’ blog, which keeps landlords informed of the changing legislation, as well as her popular ‘Blog Clinic’ which tackles landlord or tenant legal issues.

In this podcast episode Eddie, Paul and Tessa investigate the ‘residential laws of the land’, with a particular focus on government plans for landlords, the importance of using the right documentation, landlord redress and housing courts. In addition, they discuss what happens when landlords fail to protect deposits. Eddie and Paul also ask Tessa for the best tips she can give to landlords in today’s industry and question her as to whether current laws help or hinder landlords?

Wrapping up with their closing question for 2019, Eddie and Paul ask Tessa; ‘If you could make one new property law, what would it be?



You can also find out more information related to property industry legislative change in our latest guidance ‘Legislation for landlords: Everything you need to know’.

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Previous guests include:

  • Tony Gimple, Founding Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords
  • Jeremy Leaf, Principal of Jeremy Leaf & Co Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agents
  • Arden Hanley, Property Educator and HMO landlord
  • Sean Hooker, Head of the Property Redress Scheme
  • Kate Mutter-Bowen, Head of Tenancy Deposit Protection at mydeposits

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